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Sausage Dog – new album is scheduled for December 11th!

13 Nov 2020

The album ‘Sausage Dog’ was recorded in a home studio (in the pandemic lockdown!) from April – October 2020. During its production I’ve learnt a lot about recording, mixing and everything in between. I’ve learnt that my kids are guaranteed to run down the hall just before you finish what would have been an awesome performance. And so I’ve learnt that I often just had to do it again.

It’s my first full length, solo album. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, so why not when locked in a house, home schooling your kids during a pandemic? Slightly mad, very naive, I thought that I’d knock this out in a month. It took me 6!

The songs are all centred around acoustic guitar with relatively simple arrangements. I generally refer to the style as blues guitar but there’s a lot of jazz and folk influence in the tunes, with a big helping of finger style guitar.

I have been playing many of these songs at live gigs for the past year or two. Over that time they have evolved a lot. Improvised parts have been locked into the arrangements, instruments that I don’t have live (acoustic bass, strings etc.. ) have been added albeit in a very subtle way. Ultimately I wanted this collection of songs to be simple, acoustic guitar and not much more. Sometimes I just can’t help myself though.

If you use Spotify there is a link below to pre-save the album. You can also order a CD version, I’ll ship it to your door as soon as they’re available.

Enjoy! I hope!!

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