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Acoustic guitar Sydney

“Slow Mover” Blues… done slowly!

I've been working on a slow blues track for a while, this is the latest incarnation, this time with a little help from my looper setup.

“Hope” solo….

Practice sessions: the solo from the track "Hope" performed with a looper.

New Album “Sausage Dog”

The album Sausage Dog is out December 11th 2020. Read a little about its making and get links to presave it and buys CDs!
Peter Shilling High Noon

Release Day! High Noon – Single

New Music! "High Noon" an acoustic guitar instrumental is available today on all streaming services.

“The Lobster”

A quick guitar loop that I recorded during a practice session - enjoy!

Fly Me To The Moon Improvisation

Playing around with the chord progression from this Jazz tune today. Looped the chords then an improvisation.

Jazz Standard: How High The Moon

Here's a quick video of one of a favourite jazz tunes: How High The Moon. Enjoy watching!
Acoustic guitar instrumental

New guitar instrumental

Tinkering away on a new instrumental track.
Looper Guitar Pedal

Performing with guitar loops, is that cheating?

We oftern use looping in our live performance to achive a bigger sound, understand a little about looping and how it works.